Our vision is to provide simple, fresh & delicious food that is healthy and more importantly, fully customizable by you. We want to give you the power to create and enjoy.

image of a rito roll & rito bowl




A lot of restaurants boast customization, but few can match it like Yobi. Here, guests can customize their own poke style bowls, sushi rolls, or sushi burritos. While premade options are available, like our spider roll stuffed with asparagus and soft shell crab, guests would miss out on the endless options available by creating their own meal. Read on to see a sampling of what guests can use to create their own sushi meal

image of a rito


The Foundation


White or brown rice is the first choice guests make, as well as what kind of wrap they want used for their sushi rolls and burritos.





Sashimi salmon or spicy tuna, along with shrimp tempura or marinated beef, are a few of the meat options available.

Fresh asparagus and avocado, or pickled cabbage add new tastes and textures to guests' creations

Add-ons like tempura crunch, fried shallots, masago, or unagi sauce can personalize each dish to guests' liking and taste.

image of a rito bowl